Hello! It seems absurd to me that I'm publishing a changelog for a damn card game, BUT HERE WE ARE. Anton Klinger was playing the game and said it was quite hard, that he'd lost every game so far, so I went back and played the game a few more times and immediately, after having great luck in every other game I'd played, had a losing streak 3 games long. The early game is brutal and quite random.

So, I thought a while and came up with a solution: sacrificing cards from the chicken court to control the randomness. It still needs testing, but so far I'm really enjoying how it blows up the decision space.

It's been added to the rules proper, but in case you've already played the game and just want to hear what's different, here it is:

  • When selecting a card from the spread, you may now sacrifice a member of the chicken court instead. (Remember, cards that leave the chicken court are permanently removed from the game and placed in the chicken crypt.) When you do this, check the suit of your sacrificed card and the suits of the cards in the spread. There are two possible outcomes...
  1. If any card in the spread matches its suit, take one of them for free. You can use this to cheaply access otherwise inaccessible suited numbers that you really need, especially in the early game when your chicken count is quite low.
  2. If no card in the spread matches the sacrificed card's suit, discard the entire spread. You can use this when you're just not getting the cards you need, to help smooth out the randomness.

Let me know what you think of the change in the comments, if you have a moment & a deck of cards to give the game a try! :)


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I like the change, it gives one a reason to pick one card over another when deciding who should join (or stay) in the chicken court. It opens up the player's options while still coming at a cost.

Using these modified rules I finally won one round, but still lost another.