Art For Three Released!

Hello and welcome to a new era of artmaking!!!

After a Saturday spent in the hot sun convincing people to make art in groups of three, I had gathered a treasure trove of artworks created in Art For Three. You can see them here in this temporary gallery:

I guess you can call it a game if you want, but I'm trying to avoid it personally - it's just a very particular artmaking tool! But it *feels* like a game and while I was making it I was thinking about how to make it game-like. Three players with different tools need to work together to accomplish anything, and there's (optional-ish) time pressure, but at the end of the day the only thing driving you is your personal drive to create little bits of art!

So, you know, is it a game? Who cares! Art For Three is a way for three people to make some art together in 5 minutes (it will definitely take longer than this on your first try since I'm not there to teach you how to play).

Please play it with your friends or other humans.


Art For Three (WIN).zip 19 MB
Jul 31, 2019

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