crossing flowers (prototype?)

Hi! I've been playing with this little flower-breeding sim for a few days, and I thought about making it prettier but mostly I just wanted to make it work and get people playing it. So, you know, leave some comments and feedback!

Download it for windows/mac below. I had an HTML5 build but couldn't get saving working right. Saving is important.


flowers apr 3 14 MB
Apr 03, 2020
flowers apr 3 13 MB
Apr 03, 2020

Get crossing flowers


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I really like this! The only thing I'd say is that there seems to be no point to the market system. Like, I have insensitive to sell my new flower breeds for the money, that makes sense. But then I can only spend that money on new flower breeds, but, I have no desire to do that, because the fun of the game for me, is breeding those new flowers. 

I feel like more money should let you buy a bigger garden, or give you more organizational tools. Especially because with these types of games, I'm always looking to organize and expedite what ever the main process is. So like, money should let me buy flower beds or something like that. 

I don't know if you were looking to make this a 'flower breeding Factorio', because that's essentially what I'm suggesting, but I think that going in that direction would be fun.

Hopefully any of that was helpful.

Super helpful, thanks a million for the indepth feedback :)

I'm probably leaning more in a 'flower breeding Candy Box' direction -- I guess you didn't notice the door on the east side that can be unlocked for $100.00! I definitely need to work on my UI and stuff (it just looks like a blank grey box until you're bumped up against it), but on the other side is effectively a "bigger garden" among other things. I love the idea of spending money on organizational tools though and I'll give some serious thought to expediting the main process as a reward/investment...


I get an error about there being no 'pck' file. 

Ohshit, I'll fix that

Should be fixed now. My fault for not testing on windows first :P