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Very fun, forgot to leave a comment first time I played. In particular I love your color scheme, the long aspect ratio, and the visual effects when slamming down and wiping out numbers. It's very fun to set up combos, and I enjoy the idea of climbing down to deeper and deeper floors. Super easy to figure out and get into. Great work.

Ok, this was brilliant.


Is there a win state, or do I just get to boast "my high score is 14 in this endless inverse tower of not much relaxing?"


You just get to boast "my high score is 47 in this endless inverse tower of not much relaxing!"

how do you know what your score is?


It's a lot of fun, this gamejam was a brilliant idea.

great stuff! really simple mechanics but it works very well and the visual feedback is awesome haha. gonna be playing this for a while :o

Awfully cool! Simple, fast and fun, bravo!

I just had a hard time at the beginning to quickly distinguish the direction of my character. But afterwards, it was great!

A few people seem to parse the direction of the player sprite wrong at first! Too lazy to change for this jam version but I'll do my best to learn from this mistake ^^;

Thank you!

Fun! I wish the game would show me the tile i would land on when hovering over a number, because counting is boring, but i suppose that would trivialize the game.


I think a lot of game mechanics unfortunately boil down to "X is boring" eventually... I considered adding a feature like that but it seemed as though it would really just push the challenge of optimization off to some other boring task (i.e. skimming your cursor back and forth across the screen).

Anyway if counting is boring just don't count. Take a risk. >:) That's what i do 90% of the time, I just count when I really need to know, and I think it's a lot more fun that way.

Nice mechanic. I like how the enemies force you to think quickly, not just by getting closer, but because they remove numbers that could have been useful!

Yes!! I almost never lose from the enemies actually reaching me, just pressuring me into picking a bad number... which feels great.