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I managed 15 :) The decision to pick up the last resource at the left or right edge is usually a good one. Also sometimes had better luck waiting out a second of the timer before taking the last resource. A quick restart option would be nice (currently have to f5).

An ability that would make the salesman problem more complex and enable more planning could be teleports. Press space to place a marker, then press space again to teleport to the marker. This could use up N resources, where N starts at 1 and increases by 1 each use.

Another thing I'd love to see would be a gameover that is not instant. Maybe make the last second bullet-time and after time runs out momentum is preserved like the soft failstate when hit by a bullet? That would allow for more 'close calls' and 'last breath saves'.


Misc information:

>> My high score is 18 waves (I can usually get 16 -- getting to 18 was basically a fluke)

>> I'm working on this project on github, if you like source code? It includes the latest iteration of mynavdi sub-engine :P