A downloadable library/engine/package

it took me years to find a unity workflow i liked. navdi is the most polished & functional result of several attempts.

allow me to start off by saying i designed navdi for a specific purpose: to assist myself in building simple 2d videogames with nice scaled-pixel graphics. wherever possible, i shed unity's architecture (game objects, the parent-child hierarchy, prefabs) in favour of my own.

here's the good stuff:

  • it's built to switch instantaneously between play & edit. the editor is built for quickly making worlds of tile-based screens.
  • outside of unity's 'play' mode, the hierarchy is extremely minimal. build a small set of objects, and spawn them through code.
  • spawn & recycle the same objects. store them in your own lists, call their functions by hand, and never again trouble yourself with script execution order.
  • really easy-to-use pixel-perfect camera that resizes with the game window. it letterboxes to ensure a precise ratio. (you can also fairly easily take this out of navdi for use in your own projects.)

right now, navdi is not user-friendly at all. there's no tutorial, no documentation. attempt to use it... at your own peril...

Install instructions

drop it into a unity project. open the "template project" folder.


navdi(alpha3).unitypackage 101 kB
navdi(alpha2).unitypackage 105 kB

Development log