A downloadable dream

2018, Nov 2, 11:36 PM

Maybe not everything has to be games, mused the overeager game designer.

As much as I thought about how to make social spaces inside of games, I think that I'm a lot more interested in making social spaces around making games. I miss the sense of  community between game-makers. So my mission statement's different, now.

Let's make games together. Not as literal collaborators, but as fellow artists. I don't know if I'll host the community here, but I'm thinking a lot about how & where to host such a space.

2018, Oct 1-ish, i dunno when

I've come to realize the importance of socializing, and I want to play with that as a designer... I'm using this community to gather some people to play, and to be a part of the creation of, my next game(s) which will themselves be all about community -- about the people who play them.

I plan to frequently release news, updates, and vastly variable prototypes. Once I get settled, I want to be releasing innovative & exciting stuff as often as possible. Come say hi!