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Really enjoyed the game, though the last levels dropped in difficulty quite a bit. Did you run out of time towards the end?

I've redone your game in Puzzlescript for practice :) There is one extra level with the original mechanics and a bunch that add a bit of a new mechanic. Will probably add a few levels sometime during the next few days. Who knows, maybe theres still some twist to tickle out of the mechanics.

Would it be alright for me to keep using the sprites and concepts for a slightly updated version? If not I'll remove the new levels and leave the game as is.


Cool! I think I may have run out of time, but in general I find I lose interest in puzzle games when they get harder... I like playing around with mechanics more than I like serious puzzling.

Please feel free to keep using my sprites and concepts!

Also, when did Puzzlescript start supporting bigger sprites? :O

It's a fork by Dario Zubovic, the sprite_size command is not supported by increpare's puzzlescript. Will ping you here when there's new levels :)

Deleted 4 years ago

Wow, I just got to the new mechanic. It's neat. Really makes reading the space a whole new challenge.