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How to get past the title screen / splash page:

Press [C+K] together.


Left Player :: WSAD - directions ; C - Yellow Button - Jump ; V - Black Button - Attack

Right Player :: Arrows - directions ; K - Yellow Button - Jump ; L - Black Button - Attack

The direction keys are used to move around, and interact with buttons and elevators.

The Yellow Button makes you jump, and the Black Button uses your attack.

How to end/reset the game: 

In case you get stuck, press [Q+P] together to get the game over screen.


Escape! Just keep advancing through rooms. At the end of each room, your batteries convert into stars which are shown at the end of the game.

Characters, Paths:

There are four pretty different playable characters. Give them all a try! You can finish the game with any pair of characters, but they may need to take different paths.

There are a few special branches that require a specific character or even combination of characters to access!


My friend kitet so long ago did great illustrations for the title & ending cards (and now used for the itchio cover image!)


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