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file says it was last modified in 2013 but i know i made this game way longer ago than that

honestly pretty embarrassed by some of the opening text, but don't let that stop you from taking the plunge

(remember to hold your breath in real life.)


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got stuck underwater with no way to escape. drowned.
so only only a 5/10 from me in the afterlife. :-/


how was the physical sensation? of drowning

It says Adobe Flash is needed to run the game, but I have it in. Help?

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Sorry, this is... a browser thing I can't really help with generally :X

Newer browsers have spurned Flash, you'll need to figure out how your particular browser allows you to reenabled it.

Some browsers require you to jump through a lot of hoops.

What's your browser?

Really brilliant idea! An interesting twist on mixed reality. I hope no one suffocated while playing this :)

This is such a cool game

It's not that long, but it makes me feel things, like-- it just makes me happy :')

Keep it up!

Clever. Fun. Interesting!

hello this is a comment on asphyx