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got stuck underwater with no way to escape. drowned.
so only only a 5/10 from me in the afterlife. :-/


how was the physical sensation? of drowning

It says Adobe Flash is needed to run the game, but I have it in. Help?

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Sorry, this is... a browser thing I can't really help with generally :X

Newer browsers have spurned Flash, you'll need to figure out how your particular browser allows you to reenabled it.

Some browsers require you to jump through a lot of hoops.

What's your browser?

Really brilliant idea! An interesting twist on mixed reality. I hope no one suffocated while playing this :)

This is such a cool game

It's not that long, but it makes me feel things, like-- it just makes me happy :')

Keep it up!

Clever. Fun. Interesting!

hello this is a comment on asphyx