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I love it; that’s some good mood-setting right here

I particularly appreciate the “you won” message at the end – sometimes with experiential games like this it’s hard to know if you’ve reached the end or not!

"wow" they say.

"another awesome -w-e-i-r-d- game by droqen" they add.

"the end".

i think this might be a sort of "videogame techniques study"! i would like to do more of these in the new year, with stronger analytical intent. i'd like to write up some design patterns about these screens, but they might be too disjoint for that :)

Always a treat to find a new upload, I do enjoy exploring your five minute universes.

Happy New Year sequence running...


thank you, i hope you enjoy the sequence, user imjohnblue...

in the new year my universes will become more powerful. they will be unstoppable. to a happy new year for us all!