nine shrines, a 1-2-day-broughlike-playable.

try to activate all nine shrines!

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Was pretty simple to go out of bounds and get lost in a sea of gray. Eventually I realized what had happened, but as i was still trying to figure things out, I thought I had triggered some esoteric effect. So I wandered, lost, and being pursued by the enemies.

i activated all the shrines and nothing happened

one of the shrines just deactivates all the shrines.

it recharges them! so you can re-use the good ones. but yeah it also deactivates them

That is pretty interesting :) loved the idea :) each shrine with a different effect which make you need to understand them over multiple runs unless the effects also shuffle with the runs which will force you to try to understand them in a single run :) Like that enemies don't die, they are like the ghosts of pacman just return to their base :)

Nice short game! It was interesting to discover each shrine activated a different effect and had to think around them