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have i ever made a different game in my life?

most of the games i've designed are variations on the same pattern:

an opaque and system with no reason to exist

(ultimately simple in its conception if you only knew the rules),

wearing the trappings of a videogame.

it's nice to get back to form,

but it's frightening to see how formulaic that form truly is.

Published Mar 01, 2018
PlatformsWindows, macOS

Install instructions

this game has no sound. that's not a bug. it's not a feature, either.

i recommend listening to something appropriate in the background, but it's up to you.


ORBS ~ win ~ 1.01.zip 14 MB
ORBS ~ mac ~ 1.01.zip 17 MB

Development log


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aww dang, I got stuck in a wall and I am pretty sure it wasn't intentional :( was falling inbetween screens. Can send you a screenshot if you want.

please do! i'll fix it asap, but i kinda broke the codebase a LITTLE bit, soo asap might be a while

Really cool concept. Loose platforming controls made it a bit for frustrating than it had to be, but the tradeoff was it made you really pay attention to the level design and plan a route.

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That was an interesting mechanic. The ghost were truly a nightmare! I love your platforming maze games with unique touches!
EDIT: Wish there was some sound, tho :/


This is hell. I just want my orbs, but they keep getting taken from me. Orb hell.

What a taunting game. When I (thought) I figured it out, I realised it was gonna be very difficult and I don't have the time or brain power but I'll come back to this! >< Thanks so much

I went right in Level 3's second screen and got thrown into something that seems to be a level editor?

whaat? that's not right. i'll check it out

an unfortunate bug. thx for catch.

repaired (i hope)