note: a bug where the game fails to load and instead says "Cannot read property 'length' of null" will appear sometimes. often, refreshing the page a few times will fix it. if that doesn't resolve the problem, please try another browser! or, you can try the illegal windows build linked at the bottom of the description.

space/enter - start the game

hold esc/h - quit the game (you can restart from menu)

arrows, or controller, or wsad - move around

there are no buttons other than movement controls and the start/quit game buttons

if you get stuck, quit and try again-

windows .exe is available; it's not jam legal, but it's the same build just .exe'd, for anyone who's come here from my twitter: 

add'l credits:

bfxr by increpare

robot character sprite inspired by a robot character sprite from cave story by pixel

Collection of all Droqen's Oubliettes

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cool octopus game

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Hey droqen, if you mind if i ask. How do you make the camera pixelated? like when the coin rotates i want that little pixel movement thing


Not sure how advanced you are, but I used some combination of this:

and in Project Settings > "General" tab > Display / Window:

... I set Size/Width to something like 160, and then Size/Test Width to a multiple of it - say, 480. (do the same with Height and Test Height.)

... and set Stretch/Mode to "viewport"

and finally: in the Import settings (it's a tab in the top-left corner) of any images you're using, you have to turn off the 'Filter' checkbox.


Most of this I don't deal with anymore, I wrote a script to deal with it all for me. I stuck it in a pastebin if you're interested!

but basically it's just a lot of stuff like this, setting project settings through code:

ProjectSettings.set("display/window/size/width", width)
ProjectSettings.set("display/window/size/test_width", width * zoom)

thank you so much


Hey droqen! Received your e-mail and played this game today! I enjoyed it a lot! I've been a fan since fishbane. I think I beat the game? I was able to get out through Exit C, with the "help" of the 100% coin guy. Great music too.

Wow, fishbane! Thank you for keeping an eye out for me for so long and for sticking around on my mailing list.

Glad you enjoyed this small project, I'll message you sometime about a secret new big cool "real"-sized project c_c


Nice! I really want to see something big from you! I go by s3sshoumaru in Newgrounds. I wrote you some years ago to see what was going on with you since Fishbane always stuck with me, and I think you added me to your mailing list. I remember that you also gave me Probability 0 to download, when you had just made the game, after I sent you an inbox or something in Newgrounds. 

Anyway, this short game took me back to those times, nice atmosphere and gameplay, only that I sold my good laptop and I am on such an old one that I could barely play it without lag (yeah, very old laptop). Anyway, please let me know about this project!

Aw! I'm sorry to hear this runs badly - I do tend towards projects that will run good on even trashheaps but this one got very physicsy! I'll send you a key to play the new "big" game sometime soon, you're in my short list of ppl to give early tester keys :)

(I lazily wrote this in bed and forgot to add this, but: wow I think I remember you! It helps that I watched inu yasha, memorable reference....)

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thanks everyone <3 this is just a big blanket thank you to all below for playing my game and for engaging with my work so positively

wow. that was so so so so good




the music is lovely

ty! i didn't make it, i just picked it and put a filter over it. i really like it too... been browsing the musician's soundcloud, maybe you'll like some of his other music too? seems like some other interesting ambient stuff, but none of it has quite struck me the same way personally

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This is beautiful <3 It’s a fun place to be, even if it is slowly becoming less free

this is similar to how i feel too :) kind of a melancholic beauty to this plac

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niceeeeee, i really like the physics and exploration


holy shit this is amazing.



thank you so much