WARNING: The game contains flashing visuals!

made in 48 hours for gmtk game jam 2021: "joined together"

On a laptop touchpad? You can use Z/X instead of the Left/Right mouse buttons

made by these excited people:

james: https://www.jamesmusic.co.uk/

brin: https://www.brin.design/

droq: https://www.droqen.com/

Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
Authorsdroqen, Brin, JamesMusic
Tagsaesthetic, Arcade, Short, Top-Down, vaporwave, weirdcore


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its an good game but hard one

hey so there is a glitch where if you run too far into the walls that deal damage to you then there is just an abyss

that rules, i love a good voidscape.

Looking good but way too hard.

This is really well executed! The gameplay and audio syncing with the music is a really nice touch, and the music itself gives a nice kind of urgent industrial feel. I'm curious how you managed to sync the gameplay like that in Godot, I find that most methods usually drift offbeat.


Ooh I can actually answer this one: The music is exactly 92 BPM, so I check the playback position and divide it by a constant derived from that BPM value (along with applying an offset that I just tweaked until it felt right). There was supposed to be a settings menu that let you adjust the offset, but it did not make the 48-hour cut ;)