64-bit app

Hi there, I've made a new build for mac only! Thanks to David for doing most of the work for me ^^;

I haven't pushed the build to other platforms yet. Please comment here and let me know if it works alright.

edit: So during the writing of this blog post I decided to actually test the final app and whaddaya know, signing it seems to have broken it! So I uploaded an unsigned version. This one should work, but we'll see. In the meantime I'll be running down how to sign air apps.

edit #2: Okay, another version has been uploaded! This one is signed and notarized. Your mac computer will have a good time, and only complain lightly about it coming from the big scary internet :)

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Thank you! I check on this once in a while to see if it works on my mac, I was surprised today that it did! Glad to finally be able to play it. =]