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I haven't got the game working on itch.io so please play it on my website by clicking on this text. Thanks. I hope I'm not breaking the rules too bad by doing this. 

I made this game during TOJam: Hindsight is 2020.

It is basically a more engaging realization of this early prototype -- it was meant to be a sort of messy not-cooperative citybuilder in which players would all come together and design an ever-shifting, flawed city as a result of their overlapping desires.

There is a server online, somewhere, and playing this game requires connection to that server. (This is a foolish mistake on my part - I should release a version that does not require such connection. Oh well.)

If other people are playing at the same time, you will get a different experience. Try playing it with your friends! Laugh at how you step on each other's toes and how uncaring the city remains. Come back, and the city will always be the same.

Unless I've shut down the server, but it's a pretty cheap server.


If you're interested in the source code, drop me a message. It's very simple stuff, a Godot project and a single php file and a single txt file on a webhost.

Thanks for playing!

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I played this game for quite a while and I just revisited it again. I like the concept, it starts really satisfying and then turns into damage control lmao. I'm really interested in how you got the servers working, I've actually wanted to make social experiment games for a while but I never really got how to make it work online. Is there some way I could see the code for this game?

email me: droqen@gmail.com

I will send you all the source code! And possibly talk yr ear off about online game junk :)


I like the concept..
At first I didn't pay attention to the stuff on the right and thought it was up to me to find the patterns that cause a profit.. Then I reloaded my browser and saw the one pattern I thought was good was now bad. That made me sad haha, as i'd spent time making what i thought was an efficient little pattern for it. So i made a smiley face instead.

I wonder how it would go if the good/bad patterns were fixed but unknown to us, so the aim is to create the most efficient layout? And playing with friends will still cause chaos, without the game forcing it. So knowing there's a solution to find might make it more rewarding?


Sounds like a fun concept, but I don't get what the icons mean at all (except the factories and houses, I guess?)

Also, is it intended to get to a point where you lose more than you gain and reset the score conditions? Not a complain, just a note.

this game is all about ~the human element~ so leave a comment! take a screenshot! yell at strangers on the internet! (but yell with kindness)