(small AB test experiment)

I don't have any ability to do real AB testing, so I thought I'd experiment a bit with this:


I've switched the cover art from the first image to the second:

The main reason for making this devlog is so that I know what the CTR was before I swapped cover art: 0.93%.

Let's see how the numbers change over the next 7 days :)

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It's been 10 days on the right art, and CTR = 0.40%. So who knows! It's magic!

It's been 6 days, and we're at CTR 0.45%!!! So the messy janky cover art seemed to be performing better. This is a great experiment. I'm switching back one more time, let's see...

Day whatever: CTR is at a solid 1%.

I'm going to switch back to the first cover art now, and check back in whenever and see how it affected sales/views/clicks!

OH NO, I TOTALLY MESSED UP MY TEST! - now it's at 1.39 % because i twote about it. whoops. okay

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Day 4: still steadily dropping. 0.60% now.

it occurs to me that maybe this is just natural dropoff as tweets and things vanish and the only people seeing the cover are random browsers of itch.io!

Day 2: CTR has dropped to 0.65%! It definitely feels like cover image B is performing more poorly than image A, but I think the CTR is based on the "last 7 days" so I'm going to hold out with image B for 5 more days, then switch back to image A.

Day 1: CTR has dropped to 0.79%