A downloadable game

just an extreeeemely thrown-together prototype

arrows to move/jump, space to attack

note: the controls can be a bit finnicky. you sorta have to be holding the direction you want to dig for it to work properly. sometimes the jump doesn't work if you're pushing into a wall (i don't know why). there's no coyote time. enjoy my janky prototype.

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weakspot-mac.zip 13 MB
weakspot-win.zip 12 MB


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I got confused at first with the direction of the explosions, but I managed to get some really good combos going ;)

Ah yeah I was super lazy with the spriting. The direction of the arrow doesn't really make any sense :P

I wish the blocks could be broken by one hit. Is there some logic behind making it 3 that I don't understand?


The prototype was 100% about the chaining, and I feel like the 3 hits helps the chaining feel more powerful by comparison.

(I also enjoy the awkwardness of having to hit a specific block in a difficult spot 3 times in a row, but that's probably just Stockholm syndrome)