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i somehow managed to tie with 1 also 2 is the best


2 is definetely the best in my opinion. 3 is too easy to set up - with 2 you've got te unpredictableness of an aczual game without the complete stupidity of playing with a toddler (because let's be honest, 1 is like 3 years old and has seen their older siblings play this game)

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I like each AI's style/personality, from the way they talk to their fonts and board layouts! I especially felt the whimsy from AI 1 with their smiley face doodle and eventually felt compelled to do my best to make moves to let them win (even if it felt like they didn't fully realize when someone had won). :) AI 2 was nice too, still had a bit of soul in them and I was able to catch onto their imperfect strategy to win. Aaaand AI 3, while perfect*, felt like a void. :x

Nice experience, it's making me question if AI 3 is really the best if AI 1 could bring me joy that the other two couldn't (dialogue-wise, at least). L-like obviously, they're playing optimally, but maybe there's more to AI than that...or something.

*Edit: Okay so after peeking deeper in the comments, I realized I could do the same tactic I used on AI 2, but I felt inclined to always play in the center because that felt like The Strat™ to use to force either a tie or a win, interesting...


i can win against 3 637 times in a row lmao

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1 is impossable  edit:i lied

Agreed with Shane, it makes a good point about the "point" of tic-tac-toe! I had the most fun playing with 1, and I think I play like 2 or 3 - that's something I might want to change!

3 is the easiest lol, protip for 3: corner, then opposite corner, then think


i want 1 to be my boy friend


so cuteee. Very simple and well executed. Love the point it's making about the whole social aspect of games like this.


Seeing AI 2 make a remark about me having set up two possible ways to win brought me the same satisfaction that i would have gotten from doing the same thing to a human player


I think I get the idea, a smarter AI isn't necessarily the one that best replicates the actual experience of playing Tic Tac Toe with someone. I let AI 1 win, because it was cute. But maybe it was just the most calculating of all!


I wonder, I got a different conclusion: the "best" AI is the one you think is the best. It could be any of these - they're definitely not the same, they are all distinct, and have their own strengths and weaknesses. It's kinda human! I like your conclusion too.

3 is calculating but predictable

2 Is unpredictable but unoptimized

1 Is cute but stupid