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i can win against 3 637 times in a row lmao

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1 is impossable  edit:i lied

Agreed with Shane, it makes a good point about the "point" of tic-tac-toe! I had the most fun playing with 1, and I think I play like 2 or 3 - that's something I might want to change!

3 is the easiest lol, protip for 3: corner, then opposite corner, then think


i want 1 to be my boy friend


so cuteee. Very simple and well executed. Love the point it's making about the whole social aspect of games like this.


Seeing AI 2 make a remark about me having set up two possible ways to win brought me the same satisfaction that i would have gotten from doing the same thing to a human player


I think I get the idea, a smarter AI isn't necessarily the one that best replicates the actual experience of playing Tic Tac Toe with someone. I let AI 1 win, because it was cute. But maybe it was just the most calculating of all!


I wonder, I got a different conclusion: the "best" AI is the one you think is the best. It could be any of these - they're definitely not the same, they are all distinct, and have their own strengths and weaknesses. It's kinda human! I like your conclusion too.

3 is calculating but predictable

2 Is unpredictable but unoptimized

1 Is cute but stupid