a sort of unintentional spiritual sequel to Orbs, the first such oubliette

how deep can you go before becoming a lost eye yourself

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The eye mechanic is great, I ended up only figuring it out when trying to jump twice, not from the obvious eye separation. Is there an end after getting all eyes and returning to the origin?

Nope. I imagine it's probably quite impossible to do that anyway, but there's no extra reward for accomplishing such an absurd feat!


This is a really neat mechanic, but I keep getting stuck. Wishing there was some way to undo or return to a checkpoint, but I can understand if the entrapment is part of the experience.

I may come back to this now that I"m out of a personal design dead-end sorta. I'm suuure there are better ways for me to go about this entrapment! It's no fun past the first couple times, so it isn't really very replay-enjoyable