The Cruel World is unavailable to purchase. New areas have been added.

To existing OWNERS:

You're now the gatekeepers of Cruel World for the foreseeable future. Who do you want to let in? I give you my explicit permission to copy the game files and send them to anyone you like. Upload them anywhere. Do whatever you want.

I won't be doing any server maintenance: if someone hacks it-- someone here or someone who's let in by someone here-- who knows what might happen?


Additionally: please update to the latest version.

Levels by John Molloy and Mer Grazzini have been added to the new build. You can find them where the _mystery terminals were previously located. These beautiful new levels are full of fresh terminals, without any OWNERS to speak of. (At least, there were no owners 8 minutes ago. You'll have to see for yourself what state they're in!)

Be kind.

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