Redemption Arc Begins (Regret being an OWNER? Now you can HEAL that damage... but at what cost?)

Do you regret ever using the MINE command? 

Do you wish you could undo your mistakes?

Seek me out at the end of the world.

I will make you an offer.

Cruel World (blame everybody else) has been updated, and will be re-released to the public at NOON EST today. (~20 minutes from now, as of the time of this post.)

When I released Cruel World, I was convinced the game-world would fall apart and become unplayable.

But a friend of mine released this article, about the solace he found in the time it takes to HACK:

And another friend hacked the game (???) and built a romhack (?????) that you can apply to your copy of Cruel World, if you just want to skip all that:

And I realized I'd been too prescriptive with my idea of what Cruel World would become. Sure, I was right about the social dynamic, but the game itself transformed became an artifact in its own right, something worth not gatekeeping, something worth not keeping arbitrarily digitally scarce.

So, on this day of resurrection, Cruel World shall be resurrected.

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