In 6 days, on June 6th (6/6), our Cruel World will turn 66 days old.

It was only meant to live a day; it groans and creaks under the weight of a hundred OWNERS; newcomers struggle to find their footing.

I could never redeem the actions of the OWNERS whose names stain the world, but I think it deserves one last hurrah:

a party after the end of the world.

There will be a great update this Sunday, June 6th; I hope that when it comes you'll download the new version of Cruel World and join us in a great, perhaps final, celebration. Everyone is welcome.

Join droqen's Discord server to meet up with other Cruel Worlders:

You can't throw a party alone, after all.

see you in six (6) days...


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Nice! I love your writing style, very poetic.


i have played this only once and refuse to play it again.


I will make more fun bird games soon! xD