not the same game as before

(0. the living together game)

1. The City Building Game --

2. The Tower Game, v1 -- when there was money and hunger

3. The Tower Game, v2 -- when everyone was the same and the game was about getting to the top

4. The Tower Game, v3 -- now called 'Different Towers'.

Hey, we're here, in the present, and this game has been on a real journey. Or depending on how you feel about that whole rebuilding a ship out of new parts thing... I've been on a real journey, making different games that share the same sort of conceptual backbone.

There's a week to No Quarter and I finally finished the most barebones implementation of v3 that I could put together and I'm hoping to flesh it out in the coming days. It's a soundless hollow un-playtested mess of a game but it's my mess of a game and I'm really excited to play it with other people and to have other people play it.

... uh

I'll try to keep updating over the next week with more thoughts & changes (& news?). Thanks for reading.

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