As it turns out I'm going to have three opportunities in the next few weeks to get this game out @ some events, but I'm also busy working on Bravery Network!

1. NOV 18 - Arcade by BURNT TOAST ft. Gloam Collective

2. ???

3. ???

With this in mind, I renamed the game one final time (I HOPE).

It took me a long time to arrive at the name Different Towers; I settled on a literal description of an older version of the game where players literally inhabited 'different' 'towers'. Naturally, immediately after doubling down  on that name -- literal hours later -- I changed the game so that all players shared the same tower.

This little screw-up luckily inspired a major mechanic in the current (final???) iteration of the game: players travel from tower to tower, instead of staying in the same one the whole time.

The name's done its job.

Having seen this game in action, 'different towers' as a title is a little too subdued for what the game's actually like. It fails to really get across... well... the game. So I gave it a new one.

For everyone waiting for me to release the game, I'm working on it! Just... slowly. I have some hard decisions to make about how much to grow the game and I need to spend some of my energies elsewhere.

Maybe I should just set a release date.

... I'll do that soon...

Keep your eyes peeled.

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Cool game man!