Title Screen Preview, and writing process.

This was a hard game to make. It doesn't contain a significant amount of writing, but... since I started working on HMDL issue 0, more and more writing has been sneaking its way into my work... and I don't think I'm good at it! I've been practicing, but it's still a very new craft to me. In particular, I don;t feel like I know how to write "characters saying things". Impersonal lore and objective, or even subjective, descriptions of things are much easier (and I would do well to remember that). It's been interesting consuming new games with an eye on the writing, on what I like about the writing of different games. There are some really nice moments in pear potion that left me feeling inspired.

During VMJ 2020 I made a couple games with a bit of writing but in particular eastern forest feels like it exists along this journey I'm taking of trying to write stuff, not just little bits that float around and don't try to communicate anything beyond tone.

Anyway, I finally made the title screen for Yrkkey's Paradise (it's oh-so-minimal), and it feels like the project is really wrapping up. It's coming to a close. It won't be able to release for a little while, but I'm OK with that. I'll take the time to give myself some space and work on something new!

love, droqen.


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