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Cruel World

blame everybody else - a mingleplayer masocore platformer · By droqen, Mer Grazzini, NewtonsNinja


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Saving the world. Is it possible?
A wonderful article about CRUEL WORLD came out a few hours ago: Players Were Meant to Make 'Cruel World' Unplayable, Now They're Saving It In this spirit, I've...
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Upping security; defeating hackers
Hi everyone! I've spent 3 hours fixing up the server security and rolling back to a previous snapshot of the server, somtime around Apr 4 at NOON EST. All artif...
Redemption Arc Begins (Regret being an OWNER? Now you can HEAL that damage... but at what cost?)
Do you regret ever using the MINE command? Do you wish you could undo your mistakes? Seek me out at the end of the world. I will make you an offer. Cruel World...
The Cruel World is unavailable to purchase. New areas have been added.
To existing OWNERS: You're now the gatekeepers of Cruel World for the foreseeable future. Who do you want to let in? I give you my explicit permission to copy t...