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As it turns out I'm going to have three opportunities in the next few weeks to get this game out @ some events, but I'm also busy working on Bravery Network !...
"i can't tell if this game is supposed to be competitive"
No Quarter is over . In truth, I spent more time with the other artists than I did with their games. I was touching Different Towers constantly before the show...
one tower, many towers [gif only]
welcome to different towers. again.
not the same game as before
(0. the living together game) 1. The City Building Game -- https://droqen.itch.io/different-towers/devlog/6944/no-longer-top-down 2. The Tower Game, v1 -- when...
it's about climbing
I am so happy about having nearest-neighbour pixel rotation. I've been making the game nicer. More character sprites are in the works, I've added a bit of juice...
moving parts
is it clear what's going on in this picture? some playtesting has made it evident that while i have lots of systems in this game which are interesting to me...
This is a game about sustaining yourself in a questionably friendly environment. Hunger is an everpresent threat. Everyone must eat. Waves of hunger debilitate...
no longer top down
This game still needs a name. Here's what it used to look like, back when it was more of a local multiplayer city simulator: It's not much like that anymore. I'...
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